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'In my darkest hour silence spoke louder than words I am lost in a floating dreamscape I see my face behing a mask with knowing steps I am lured closer reflection strips my guise In the heart of darkness I see a light I hear my voice and I am found' - The mask Venezia

Monday, January 21, 2008

Love is Patient, Love is Kind

YEAH the day arrived when Jet proposed. He hired a scooter for the whole day. I was working in the morning and after work he came to my house to pick me up. Woo hoo, coz I always picked him up. Then we went around the city on the scooter, to Kings park, subiaco (met up with chi yenn for lunch and chit chat), South Perth, drive through McDs. It was soooo fun, coz to him I got to HUG him the whole afternoon. But to me, I felt sooo secure coz I had to trust him on the scooter :)

After the joy ride, he fetched me home, I got dressed and picked him up to have dinner at Frasers @ Kings Park. At the restaurant there was a pot of flowers and wondered, WOW, the restaurant have nice flowers on the tables. So I checked the other tables but no flowers on those tables and was surprised that they were for me. Jet delivered the flowers to the restaurant early in the morning. After dinner, walked around Kings Park and went to a secluded area where Jet wanted to propose but someone came and Jet shy, so didn't propose there. I wanted to go home coz I was tired and it was late. But Jet took me to the DNA tower at Kings park instead. I was saying, 'Why go there again?' coz we went there in the morning. But Jet said, 'Its different up there compared to the morning.' So we went up and no one was up there. Then I looked around and said 'Ok, let's go home. So took 2 steps and Jet said "STOP! I want to ask you something."Then i stopped and with my innocent looking eyes I said, "Yesssss.... what u wanna ask?" Then Jet shouted under the stars, "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" I took a picture of him kneeling and he gave me the ring.
It was soo dark I couldn't see the ring, but felt it and thought to myself, 'Is this the ring I told him I wanted?' He needs to give me the right ring before I say yes rite? Hehehe... I said Yes. Anyway, the ring is better then what I asked for. Then he made a speech and I felt I was in cloud nine. I'm sooo blessed to be loved by Jethro. After that we went home. Before this, I told Jet my ideal proposal was to go on a hot air balloon and he propose at sunset. The DNA tower was the substitute to the hot air balloon. :p When we got to his apartment, I got out of the car and I accidentally dropped his mobile phone into the drain. He didn't scold or got mad at me... he couldn't, coz I'm his wife to be. :p He's so relieved all this was finally over.

Thank You Lord for everything!
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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bus from Sydney to Adelaide 26/12

We took the bus from sydney to adelaide, a 23 hours bus ride. Chi yenn didn't enjoy it coz there was an Indian gal on the bus and most of the time she was talking loudly on the phone or playing indian music on the phone with the loudspeaker. So Chi yenn was really annoyed at her. As for me.... i slept through coz I'm a PIG.
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SYDNEY! 15/12-26/12

SYDNEY!!! We stayed at Florence and Brent's place. They were a real blessing to us. Took us around shopping, eating, hillsongs, and sight-seeing. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! How did i repay them for their kindness? Introduce them to CHI YEN!!! :) It was the first time brent met Chi yenn. She showered him with lots of laughter, but lots of anger too... his friends never saw him angry before, but during this trip, Chi yenn brought out the anger and frustration in him. You'll find out later.
They organized a christmas party at their house and flo cooked turkey, roast pork. YUmmmy!! Played pictionary and exchanged gifts.
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Visited Hillsong church at Castle Hill, the place I used to live when i was 5. My family also went to Hillsongs when it just started. Was looking at a published book of the early years of Hillsong church and i saw a group picture of the ppl in church that time and could pick out norman, my mom, dad and me in the picture. Ppl didn't believe it but it was soo us. Anyway, we went fo the Christmas play which was awesome. It was a musical, the acting, music and voices were amazing! They even had farm animals in the play too.
The delicious food we had in sydney, HUGE plate of spare ribs, dim sum, pancakes, SEAFOOD, ice cream, korean, vietnamese, char kuey teow, English tea, lobster.... yUmmmmMMmy
The Taronga Zoo... liked I promised Chi yenn i would go with her. I didn't take much pictures of the animals, so i took pictures of chi yenn as the 'animal' instead. U can see chi yenn in the middle 2 pictures of me feeding her. :P
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sydney continuation

We went to the blue mountains for a 2 days, 1 night trip. The wrong day to sight see the blue mountains. The day we arrived was the day the whole place fogged up. We could barely see the road, let alone the person in front of us. We visited the 3 sisters but couldn't see anything. The next day was sunny and clear. THANK GOD. We went to the caves and visited one cave only. Should have visited more.
AH.... the famous George St.... not famous among sydney ppl, but famous among chi, me, flo and brent. The day CHI YENN got LOST! what happened? Well..... where should i start? As most of you would know by now, chi yenn LOVES to take pictures... not of herself but of nature, food, and random stuff (like deflated balloon in lifts). So in the heart of sydney there was a REAL christmas tree and chi yenn wanted to take a picture of it. We were driving, going to an Irish pub along George Street, at the rocks. Since the beginning of the day, all of us planned our day, talked loudly knew wat were were doing, and where we were going. But CHI YENN.... was day dreaming the whole day and didn't listen to the plan. So we were driving along george st and stopped at the traffic lights along george and martin st. Then Brent said...'OH... that's the real christmas tree on martin st, just on your right.' Chi yenn was soooooo excited, she asked brent to park the car in the middle of the main road which had NO STOPPING signs, so she could take a picture. BUT... as chi yenn haven't drive before in Aust wouldn't know the law of the road that well. She does know but when she's in the zone...nothing matters as long as she gets that picture, anything goes (even breaking the law). So Florence suggested, y don't you go and take the picture and walk straight (which is along george street to meet us at the pub). CHI YENN wasn't looking at her hands of what straight is, she thought walk straight along martin street so we would u-turn and meet her the other side. So chi yenn was so excited she jumped out of the car without her bag (so NO mobile and money) to take her picture. As she was jumping out of the car, i was shouting at her 'HEY!! YOUR BAG. You forgot your bag!!' But she didn't listen to me. So we thought she know that she had to walk straight along george st. So were that worried. We parked the car and i took her phone with me coz we thought if she was smart she would call her mobile to know where we were. We arrived at the pub, ordered and i walked half way along george street to wait for her. Waited 15 min and thought to myself, she should be here already but she didn't arrive. so walked back to the pub and all of us were worried. The food arrived and we ate. I was still waiting to hear the phone ring but nothing. After that we waited at george st and no sign of her. we were very worried by now coz it was dark and who knows wat might happen. Then brent decided to walk to the tree and me and flo go back to the car and drive to the tree. Then at the car, i got a call on my phone from CHI YENN's MOTHER!! Saying, chi asked for my number and she's lost! PLs take care of each other. ARGGHh..... like got scolding from her mother.. wasn't a scold but contents like one. so i got her phone out and there was a miss call. GUESS WAT?? CHI YENN puts her phone on SILENT!!!! so that's y no ring from her mobile. Who puts their phone on silent? for the guys its ok coz u can feel it vibrate in ur pants, but for gals in their handbags, its not easy to feel the vibration. Then chi called and we found her, she was at the hotel at martin place. when we got her, ALL of us were scolding her. BRENT was FURIOUS!!! Chi yenn said, first rule in boy/gal scout if u got lost, stay at the place when u were last seen. Me, flo and brent didn't know that and plus brent went to the tree but she wasn't there, she was at the hotel by the tree. So wat chi yenn learnt that day? To ON your ring tone (which she still hasn't leant since today), LISTEN to instructions, and NEVER leave without your bag (which has your money and mobile). during those house of being lost, chi was finding it hard to get money to call her phone. so she had to reverse call back to kl to get my mobile number. Well.... I still love chi yenn despite the headaches and stress i got worrying bout her. :)
We went on the jet ski along darling harbour. that was soooo cool, adrenalin rush! it was drizzling that day too. :)
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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Back to the road trip. Brisbane 5/12-15/12/2006

Had the best time in Brisbane. I really enjoyed my time in brisbane, staying with my long, closest, best friend, Shaz. Thank you for ur hospitality, for taking us out when u had uni and assignments to do, for tahaning my whines and babyness, for cooking curry chicken and making us feel at home, for letting us bunk at ur place, for ur joyfulness and for being U. Ur the best!!

People we met in Brisbane are amazing. Everyone was sooo welcoming and friendly. Would never forget the experience.

Met the gal on the top left during cell group. The next day she and chi yenn made an appointment to go out for dinner. She brought her friend and we had a great dinner. After that they took us to this mountain top to see the whole of Brisbane, something like Kings park. They were amazing. We just met them and they welcomed us with open arms. Thank YOU! Its just soo amazing but during the whole trip God was always there protecting us, he brought friends to take us around and showed us his beautiful creation.
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Ah ma being ah ma, entertained herself during the bus ride to sunshine coast. The bus driver said everyone had to wear their seat belt and Ah ma strapped her ginger bread man. During the trip he came loose and as a consequence ah ma had to torture it. She's soooo cruel. She ate his left leg first, then his right hand, after that both the remaining hands and feet, then his body and lastly his head. MAY U REST IN PEACE.

I wanna retire in sunshine coast. The beach was beautiful - pure paradise. We checked into the backpackers and guess wat? Ah ma feel in 'love' with the front counter.. HUBA HUBA.... but i do admit he's cute, buff with glasses. So guess wat ... AH MA was flirting with HIM.. HAHAHAHAHAHA... soooo cute. well.. ah ma said she wasn't flirting, she was being friendly. Uh huh... Wanna know how it went? Well.. we were the first in line to get checked it and behind us were a number of people. So you wanna be considerate and quickly check in rite... but not for ah ma. The guy asked us where we were from, I wanted to answer from Malaysia but ah ma answered him before I could say anything. She asked him, 'Where you think we're from?' I'm like thinking AH MAAAAAA... ppl behind wanna check in lah.. just answer his question. So the guy said, 'You guys sound like ur from Canada.' Ah ma laughed, 'Really, do we really sound like Canadian?' ah ma said. They guy smiled and Ah Ma smiled back. Then we finally got our keys. The whole day AH ma was sooo nice. Think she was daydreaming bout her cutie the whole day. HAHA... Well... we had a good time, we went kayaking the whole afternoon. I enjoyed that time coz we laughed our brain out and sunbathed after that. The next day we checked out and I think ah ma was soo sad coz she had to leave her hunk behind..hehehe... we went cycling around the town, and saw this open market. we checked it out and a stall sold sambal chilli... YUMmm.. we each bought a bottle. After that had lunch and walked by the beach and ah ma saw another cute guy and took a picture of him from afar. U can see in the pictures a guy talking on the phone. Then we went to underwater world.

Chi yenn wanted to go to the Australian Zoo, but she also wanted to go to the Taronga Zoo in sydney. So I told her, I don't like going to zoos coz u've seen them once, you've seen them all for a till you die. But since I'm sooo nice I told her i'll accompany her to only one zoo. So since i thought sydney zoo was good i opted for that. So the next day chi yenn went to the zoo herself. Thank GOd i didn't go coz she said lizard roamed around on the pathway and I hate lizards, hate any kind of reptiles.


We only had time for one world, so we opted for movie world. Isn't very nice but alrite. I didn't dare go on the rollercoaster but only dared to go on the small ones. Oh Oh.... another embarrassing AH ma story. On our trip back to brisbane, we just go onto the bus and before getting onto the bus, me and shaz went to the toilet coz it was the smartest thing to do before u go on a long trip. AH ma on the other hand didn't do that. Once we got on the bus and 5 min later, ah ma said she desperately had to do to the toilet. me and shaz wanted to strangle her. We told her to tell the bus driver to stop at some place for her to go to the loo. But ah ma being herself, said, 'No... wat if he gets angry with me. I dun want him to scold me.' THen we told her, 'then u gotto hold it for 2 hours, u can a not?' SHe said she could. 10 min down the road she said she can't and we kept bugging her to tell the bus driver to stop and told her he would understand. But being her stubborn self she didn't say a thing. I think the bus driver heard us and he stopped at a place. Chi thought he was gonna pick someone up, so we told her now or never. She then went up to him and ask, "Will u be long?" I'm like WAT??? What if he says No, then she won't go toilet? The sensible thing is to ask him to stop awhile while she goes to the toilet. Then the bus guy said, 'u wanna go toilet rite? its over there'. Then ah ma smiled and ran to the toilet. While she was in the toilet, the bus guy teased her, "will i be long".. hehehe.... AH MA.. AH MA... AH MA... wat to do with u?
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Monday, April 23, 2007

At Goldcoast, Ah ma met her KL friend. This is her daughter, Arianna. SOOO cute.

So many laughters, stories, happiness, and joy we had together. will cherish them. HUGS and KISSES

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My beautiful family

The love and care that I have from my family is unmeasurable. I am grateful for your support, unfailing love, Godly guidance, and unceasing prayers during the last 5 years of uni. I couldn't have done it without you. I am blessed and I love you guys! Not to forget, I could never have done it without God. He was my tower of refuge, my saviour, and in Him I found peace and strength. It was tough, but I held on to God's promise on my life.
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